Tee Taylor /(tlr),noun

  1. Visual Communicator
  2. Vacation Rental Mogul
  3. Food make, eater & photographer
  4. Shrewd design sensibility.
  5. Keen listener
  6. Excellent roller skater. 

I am Tee Taylor, a down to earth, food & design snob. I have spent my life and career photographing the things I love. I strive to turn everyday pleasures into lovely experiences. Mundane to magnificent. I love food, home & travel [not necessarily in that order.]

Food is the equalizer, the constant and the daily creative. We all eat.  Food is prepared in my house every day. I love to entertain and have dinner parties almost weekly [the longer the table, the better!] It is where my claim, to make the mundane something magnificent, gets tested. Food is how I know that I am on the road less traveled. You may spend a month redecorating the bedroom or spend a week in Scotland on a reality show [yes, that happened. Any excuse to travel!] and those are creative and exceptional experiences. The real challenge for me is to make every day something creative and exceptional. I find the kitchen [mine and others] the best place to make that happen.

Home is in California. I was born and raised here. Yes, a California native, rarer than a winged unicorn [Pegacorn?] I spent my youth playing on the beaches of my tiny Orange Co. hometown. Then squandered my teens perfectly, getting into trouble in LA. I now live in between my vacation houses in Joshua Tree and the property my Hubs and I took over from his family in Yankee Jims, CA. It’s a small [so small] town just outside another slightly less small town. We are renovating a gold rush era cabin and planting a hard cider, apple orchard. It all sounds very glamorous in print. In real life, it sounds like hammers and saws [perhaps the occasional cussing]. I am obsessed with home design that is lovely and comfortable. I am inspired by the way European families buy and keep good pieces, handing them down and appreciating their goodness for generations. I detest disposable consumerism, low quality & Costco. [Note to Costco, if you want to sponsor a fabulous European trip to change my mind about you, call me, we can talk.] My hubby and I share our home & bed with a tiny Boston Terrier who uses his pointy, puppy paws to take up the majority of our sleeping space. I love them both tons.

Travel is a way of life. I will take just about any opportunity to go somewhere. Road trips are my favorite things, longer the better. Where to? does it matter? Folks tell me I am lucky to have the flexibility to roam. While I am filled with gratitude, it’s not just luck, it’s by design. I have made most of my life choices including loads of sacrifice and instability, for that flexibility. Even so, I am pretty lucky.

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